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Full Home Renovations

by B4 & After Property Services

B4 & After can help you revitalize a dilapidated, neglected, or outdated home with our expert home renovation services.

Calallen Drive

Improve your home's curb appeal & value
Calallen Kitchen Before.jpg
Calallen Kitchen After.jpg
Calallen Kitchen Before (2).jpg
Calallen Kitchen After (2).jpg
Black Marble.jpg

Huntington Drive

Transform a dilapidated house into one that sells.
Huntington House Before.jpg
Huntington House After.jpg
Huntington Kitchen Before.jpg
Kitchen Remodel 2.jpg
Huntington Bathroom Before.jpg
Huntington Bathroom After.jpg
Black Brick.jpg

Jackson Terrace

Bring new life to beloved old construction.
Jackson Terrace Living Room Before.jpg
Jackson Terrace Living Room After.jpg
Jackson Terrace Kitchen Before.jpg
Jackson Terrace Kitchen After.jpg
Jackson Terrace Bathroom Before.jpg
Jackson Terrace Bathroom After.jpg

Bring back the new with a home renovation.
Tell us about your project today.

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